We’re Going To Be Friends

Bella Rose Perry with rabbit
Bella Rose Perry and rabbit. Photo by Paris Lahman 2009.

We’re Going To Be Friends

Words and music by: Jack White


Fall is here, hear the yell / Back to school, ring the bell
Brand new shoes, walking blues / Climb the fence, books and pens
(2x) I can tell that we are gonna be friends

Walk with me, Suzy Lee / Through the park and by the tree
We will rest upon the ground / And look at all the bugs we found
(2x) Safely walk to school without a sound

Here we are, no one else / We walk to school all by ourselves
There’s dirt on our uniforms / From chasing all the ants and worms
(2x) We clean up and now it’s time to learn

Numbers, letters, learn to spell / Nouns, and books, and show-and-tell
At playtime we will throw the ball / Back to class, through the hall
(2x) Teacher marks our height against the wall

We don’t notice any time pass / We don’t notice anything
We sit side by side in every class
Teacher thinks that I sound funny / But she likes the way you sing

Tonight I’ll dream while I’m in bed / When silly thoughts go through my head
About the bugs and alphabet / And when I wake tomorrow I’ll bet
That you and I will walk together again / I can tell that we are gonna be friends
Yes I can tell that we are gonna be friends.


Jack White, thanks for writing this song, relevant to our granddaughter at age eleven, who brought it to our attention and brought this family closer together as our simple production developed. Bella first sang it to us a cappella with a twist: turning the “false modulation” into a true one. Our notes clashed as I added guitar, and I stopped to comment about changing key in mid-stream. She said casually, “So? Just go with me, Tim.” I did, and it stuck. Sing on, Bella Rose! [Tim]

Performance/Production Credits:

Bella Rose………….Voice
Tim Tompkins……Guitar, bass

Recorded and mixed at the GallopAway Music studio in San Juan Bautista, CA. 
Mastered by Joe Weed at his Highland Studios in Santa Cruz County, CA.

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