Only The Dream

Daniel "Zoot Suit" Valdez records guitar on "Only The Dream". Photo by Paris Lahman.
Daniel "Zoot Suit" Valdez records "Only the Dream." Photo by Paris Lahman.

Only The Dream

English words and music by: Frances Tompkins, 1988, Santa Cruz, CA.
Spanish words by: Daniel Valdez, 2001, San Juan Bautista, CA.


Today, a year ago today,
I took another love
and kissed you one last time.
Dear one, now I am here and you are gone,
only the dream of you remains
and I am all alone.

I’ll love you forever,
this fool know only too late.
I’ve lost you, now I’m left with
just the memory of your sweet face.

Te quiero, te quiero para siempre
y si tu me perdonas te lo jurare.
Te fuistes, y me dejastes solo
y a todo lo que existe
es la memoria de tu ser.

That day,
I said goodbye and went my way,
I thought you’d wait for me forever
but I was wrong.
I heard you found another love
and you are really gone,
Only the dream lives on.


1985. We were parked in our old step-van across the street from Scribner Park in downtown Santa Cruz, California. My son had just told us he came home to find his wife in bed with another man. “Why did you bring me into this terrible world?” I said, “You can get out anytime.” “I guess you’re right.”

After he left, I improvised the music on the Yamaha DX7 keyboard we carried with us. A short while later I wrote the words with the idea of getting the song to Julio Iglesias. No Julio. Fourteen years later I met Daniel Valdez of Zoot Suit fame. He took our demo home and made the song his own.  [Frances]

Performance Credits:

Featuring Daniel Valdez: voice, guitar.
Frances: Violin.
Babatunde Lea: Drums.
Tim: Piano and Guitarron.
Arrangement by Frances, Daniel and Tim.

Production Credits:

Recorded at Bay Recording Studio, Berkeley, California.
Mixed and mastered at the GallopAway Music Studio, San Juan Bautista, CA. 

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