Child Of The Wild Wind

Purple morning glory blossom
Morning glory, a one-day blossom

Child Of The Wild Wind

Words by: Tim & Frances Tompkins  |  Music by: Tim.


Some say I’m a nuisance
But I enjoy what I do,
My new flowers bloom early
And by evening they’re through.

So you wind round the rose and encroach your hostess,
Morning Glory, climb to the sunshine
on a thorny support spine.

Do I rightly surmise that your ties are not
entirely benign symbiosis?
How does Rose like your closeness?

She’s a queen, her petals blush with careful breeding,
and she’d love to see me leave with the next weeding.

But I like my blue trumpets blowing in the morning sun,
a child of the wild wind, growing with green vigor and vim.
And like you, I’m climbing and winding toward the light,
preferring gardens to vases, maybe short on social graces.

We’re repeating pattern makers,
opportunity takers, consuming and adorning,
Like the busy meadowlark singing
summer serenades and bringing music to the morning.

Now with this fond adieu I’ll pursue my daily rendezvous
with work, eight to five, I’ve got my niche in the beehive.
And for your contribution, I thank you, plucky winding vine.
You brought to my story – Rose in her morning glory.


Walking to work one warm Anaheim morning, autumn 1974, I stopped to admire the neatly appointed garden in someone’s front yard, then realized there was a silent struggle taking place between a cultured, well-behaved rose and a vigorous, no-holds-barred morning glory, grappling for access to the sun. With Frances’s help the song blossomed from a single voice into a duet. Then along came Bella Rose to sing it!  [Tim]

Performance/Production Credits:

Bella Rose:  Morning Glory voice.
Tim Tompkins:  Male voice, resampled Taylor guitar, bass, percussion, harmonica, recorder, MIDI harp, and Frances’s rare old banjo uke (handed down from her cowboy father).

Recorded and mixed at the GallopAway Music studio in San Juan Bautista, CA. Mastered by Joe Weed at his Highland Studios in Santa Cruz County, CA.

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