Black bird looking over its shoulder. Painting by native artist, Marvin Oliver.
Painting by Marvin Oliver.

Crow – spoken word

Words and Music by: Tim Tompkins


Primordial water works on ragged rock,
tangled in seaweed, crusted with shells,
etched away with the receding brine,
patiently grinding, grand master of time.

Yonder, the crow, in obsidian black,
watching the ocean turn
to the diurnal ostinato of the moon.

A cawing, friendless frenzy
in a cold salt wind,
growing older, tide by tide.

Long stride, a flap of those tattered wings.
But who will hear his echo ring
when sun rips through cracks in the clouds?

The sky has heard this proud bird
trilling the frequencies of the contact zone
where light meets wind and water meets stone.


Words from a journal entry I made while sitting lost in thought on a big rock at Point Reyes on the N. California coast, 1978. Music begun a year or two later. The crow was real. I was not, caw-caw.  [Tim]

Performance/Production Credits:

Tim Tompkins………….Voice, piano, cello
Frances Tompkins……Violin

Music recorded and mixed at the GallopAway Music studio in San Juan Bautista, CA.
Mastered by Joe Weed at his Highland Studios in Santa Cruz County, CA.

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